Beaverhead County Marriages in 2013 (as of 12/30/13)


Kendra Danielle Dreyer and Matthew David Nemeth were married Jan. 12, 2013.
Kylie Marie King and Dylan Jay Murphy were married Jan. 12.



Patricia Rodriguez Castro and Jose Haro Hinjosa were married on Feb. 9.
Daronda Joyce Miller and David William Hettinger were married Feb. 14.
Summer Rowdi Kamps and Justin Cody Brasher were married Feb. 21.



Dawn Marie White and Richard James Tyler were married March 3.
Natalie Louise Burke and Jesse Lee Dicken were married March 5.
Mary Helen Greef and Michael Dean Peterson were married March 6.
Wendy Margaree Ridenour and Kevin David Weiner were married March 9.
La Donna Lee Kettleson and Cody Ryan Crane were married March 16.
Kasha Lynn Mears and Garrett Blake Duvall were married March 25.






Olivia Grace McCormack and Mason Levi Owen were married May 2.
Penny Lynn Heyrend and Randy Leon Bernard were married May 15
Crystal Ann Cossel and Carter Oliver Marsh were married May 18.
Callie Laine Svingen and Andrew John Puls were married May 18.
Megan Taylor Crist and William Graydon Burns were married May 25.
Tyla Rae Schroder and Robert Merle Cox II were married May 25.
Amara Rochelle Holmes and Cory Daniel Martinez were married May 25.
Cartherine Christine Hunt and George Henry Allen were married May 26
Caylynn Madigan Spangler Trischman Julie and Michael Patrick were married May 26



Janet Alicia Curnow and Scott Bucholz were married June 1.
Jennifer Lynn Munsell and Brent Christopher Taylor were married June 8.
Jessie Lee McKinnon and Patrick James Sampsel were married June 8.
Lindsay Dawn Rouse and Troy Thomas Buhr were married June 15
Jennifer Mooney Coleman and Steven Edward Emery were married June 15.
Ginger Lea Reese-Meyers and Peter Joseph Aguilar were married June 28.



Melanie Joy Knobel and Mark William South were married July 4.
Joo Yeoun Suh and Ki Hong Kim were married July 4.
Kaylene Jelly and Matthew Charles Coppin were married July 5.
Alison Kimberly Herbert and Alexander Eftim Dunn were married July 5.
Renee Christine Iverson and Matthew John Melle were married July 6.
Kristl.le Darlene Snyder and Chad William Kluesner were married July 6.
Michele Marie Belice and Jason Blaine Smith were married July 13.
Kellie Ann Jenkins and Justin Thomas Brewer were married July 13.
Lisa Marie Rybicki and Douglas Ivan Hale were married July 13.
Jacqueline Lee Peplot and William Ross Fields were married July 19.
Megan Jo Lynch and Caleb Seth Igo were married July 20.
Dalayne Rene Burden and Matthew Arnold Nyquist were married July 20.



Naomi Rae Schwegel and Victor Bernard Hager Jr. were married Aug. 2.
Chantia Marie Hilger and Reg Hamilton were married Aug. 3.
Elaine Marie Dobbs and Thomas David Dulemba were married Aug. 7.
Erin Marie Wall and Nathan Troy Alexander were married Aug. 9.
Arley Ann Laman and Brian James Ross were married Aug. 10.
Cassandra Draper and Jesse Daniel Hawkins were married Aug. 17.
Claire Rose Larson and Calon Frank Lochridge were married Aug. 17.
Robyn Michelle Bernal and Kevin Robert Campbell were married Aug. 20.
Jodi Skradski and Robert Charles Decker Jr. were married Aug. 24.
Molly Michelle Seccomb and Thomas Milburn Anderson IV were married Aug. 24.
Holt Critchfield Nagle Emelia and Craig Halgren Jones were married Aug. 27.



Lauren Craig Ellingson and Craig John Johnson were married Sept. 20.
Rebecca Ann Hatting and Paige Bryant Shanks were married Sept. 28.



Lynnsi Maureen Henrichs and Joshua Jon Van Dyck were married Oct. 5.
Brenda Kay Longie and Samuel Shayne Landon were married Oct. 10.
Lindsay Marie Wilsey and Kyle Burke Schmitt were married Oct. 12.
Joanne Lynn Acosta and Joseph Theron Walker III were married Oct. 30.



Hilary LaRae Lode and Nathan Daniel Sevalstad were married Nov. 22.



Taylor Morgan Crow and Clinton James Dean were married Dec. 14.