Babies born in 2013 (as of 12/30/13)


Ben and Christina Power, a baby boy, on Jan. 3.
Daniel Donofiro and Robyn Reyes, a baby girl, Jan. 7.
Ken and Mary Holland, a baby boy, Jan. 17.
James Skradski and Wendy Allen, a baby boy, Jan. 28.
Jason and Amy Ward, a baby girl, Jauary 29.



Klinton and Amanda Todd, a baby boy, Feb. 1.
Daniel and Renee Nottingham, a baby boy, Feb. 15.
Christopher and Jessie Broksle, a baby girl, Feb. 18.
Travis and Tanna Nicely, a baby boy, on Feb. 22.



Samuel Sargent and Sonnie Allen, a baby boy, March 8.
Coby and Gemma Love, a baby boy, March 11.
Dustin Roice and Connie Waters, a baby boy, March 18.
Justin and Summer Brasher, a baby boy, March 21.
James Woods and Kelli Trimble, a baby girl, March 26.
Kenneth Dubois, Jr. and Abbigail Morgan, a baby girl, March 27.
Jacob & Angela Haws, a baby boy, March 29.



Charlie Chase and Brittany McGinley, a baby girl, April 5.
Tyler Reichle and Shanna Moore, a baby boy, April 6.



Jamie Johnson and Audria Rose, a baby boy, May 1.
Cody Cruea and Eve Welker, a baby boy, May 7.
Cory and Jeanna Manseau, a baby girl, May 9.
Kassidy Forsman, a baby boy, May 10.
Sean and Haley Chapin, a baby girl, May 31.



Nikola Williams, a baby boy, June 5.
Mason andOlivia Owen, a baby girl, June 20.
TJ and Allaryce McQuiston, a baby girl, June 20.



Jacob and Kelci Hales, a baby girl, July 1.
Miguel Navarrete Juarez and Anabel Arteaga Anguiano, a baby boy, July 3.
John Gathman and Chantelle Gournay, a baby girl, July 5.
Conrad Muise and Sun-Ae Whang, a baby girl, July 5.
Jordan and Amber Cornelius, a baby boy, July 22.
Ryan and Courtney Wood, a baby girl, July 23.



Nathan Sevalstad and Hilary Lode, a baby boy, Aug. 2.
Chance and Cori Bernall, a baby girl, Aug. 11.
Mitchell and Heather Wilke, a baby girl, Aug. 13.
Gary Flanagin Jr. and Kassidy Stewart, a baby girl, Aug. 16.
Robert Miller Jr. & Melissa Adams, a baby boy, Aug. 21.



Jonathan and Jolene Hales, a baby boy, Sept. 18.
Timothy Elser and Ridgley Guinnane, a baby girl, Sept. 23.
Jeremiah and Tristen Coyne, a baby girl, Sept. 27.



Urs and Laurie Schmidlin, a baby boy, Oct. 4.
Kevin and Bobbi Konen, a baby girl, Oct. 7.
Brandon Hugelen and Shayla Vanhorne, a baby girl, Oct. 9.
Nathan and Recia Anderson, a baby boy, Oct. 15.
Christopher Martinez and Courtney Brown, a baby girl, Oct. 23.
Terrence and Melissa Talbott, a baby boy, Oct. 24.
Zachary and Christal Galloway, a baby girl, Oct. 25.



Christopher Hyndman and Rosalia Garcia, a baby boy, Nov. 4.
Evan and Kayla Peacock, a baby boy, Nov. 7.
Justin and Anna Rhodes, a baby boy, Nov. 12.
Robert and Bronwyn Barnes, a baby girl, Nov. 15.
Perry and Karlee Shank, a baby boy, Nov. 21.
Cody and Serenity McQuiston, a baby girl, Nov. 22.



David and Amber Tarter, a baby girl, Dec. 5.
Jonathan Ensign and Donnajo Alexander, a baby girl, Dec. 9.
Travis Reis and Jessica Sloan, a baby boy, Dec. 10.
Lindsay and Megan Woolley, a baby boy, Dec. 13.
Ivan and Amber Burch, a baby girl, Dec. 16.
Scott and Shalyne Baize, a baby girl, Dec. 26.