2013 — year that was (or wasn’t)

Gleanings by Crockford

Dick Crockford, publisher, Dillon Tribune

I’ll be the first to admit that 2013 was not the year I thought it would be.

As usual, at the year’s beginning, I was looking forward – like many other folks – with hope and the real expectation that 2013 would be a period of forward progress and healing after a time of personal tragedy, stagnation and disappointment. I hadn’t expected, for example, that so soon after saying goodbye to my mother that I would be attending even more funerals, particularly one for an athletic younger brother, but it seemed like that’s the way it was.

I hadn’t expected that a United States Congress would be so hamstrung by selfish motives that it would accomplish nothing of any significance during the year. Honestly, I think we could have made more forward progress by calling the lot home so they could get real jobs and contribute to the economy that way.

I recall that when 2013 was still young and relatively unscathed, I had hoped there would be some sort of resolution to a lot of things, but it just didn’t turn out that way.

The year had some real highlights, though. On a personal note, I got to see some friends and relatives I hadn’t rubbed elbows with for a long time (yes, one of the “positives” of funerals). In July, we even had a reunion of siblings, and have vowed to make it an annual event. Yes, that’s a lot of progress for some of us who have just been too focused on our own issues to pay a lot of attention to what’s going on in the world truly closest to us.

It’s been a mixed bag for us here at the Dillon Tribune, too. Some may recall we had that little fire back in June. We were fortunate that it “self-extinguished” and did not take our building — and those on either side. It did disrupt our telephones and computer network. On the plus side, it has motivated us to make some changes to the office that have spruced things up and given us incentive to continue the process (fixing up, not burning down). For one thing, our phones and computer network work better now than ever.

After a stretch of bumps, fits and false starts, we managed to get the new website (dillontribune.com) on line and moving forward. Admittedly, we still have some work to do, but hopefully, the training wheels will come off before too much longer. In connection with that, we’ll be launching a new service before long that will allow our subscribers to get the paper in either printed-on-paper form or digitally on their computers — or both! Keep an eye out for that.

Our staff is well seasoned and highly experienced. I like to think we’re a fine vintage wine, about to be uncorked. We look forward to serving all of you in the New Year.

Forty years ago or so, lyricist Dorothy Fields penned, “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish!” Life truly is what you make it, be it on the plus side or on the other side, weighed down by negativity.

And so, a parting – no, a greeting – thought:

This time of year, gray, windswept skies provide suitable background to the winter winds that moan across the landscape … perhaps a final stand by a tumultuous year as a new dawning begins to push it aside. Here’s to a brighter, more productive and happier 2014!

(Gleanings is a personal opinion column by Dick Crockford, publisher of the Dillon Tribune.)