May good judgement and respect carry the day

Down the Middle

J.P. Plutt, editor, Dillon Tribune

Congratulations to mayor-elect Dr. Michael Klakken. As the new year approaches, so does the end of one era and the beginning of another at city hall. I feel confident that the new administration will do a fine job.

There are concerns around town. I believe the former mayor and/or his supporters have been campaigning harder since the election than they were prior to election day. Needless to say, their predictions of impending disaster are unfair and unwarranted. As far as I can tell, Dr. Klakken has been keeping his plans close to the vest, so those negative comments are baseless at this point.

This of course is not the first time Dr. Klakken has been treated unfairly in city government circles. As a member of the city council, he was many times treated with disrespect by fellow council members, the former mayor and members of the mayor’s entourage.

Will things in city hall be different? Yes. That has been the anthem of Dr. Klakken’s detractors. I for one feel a change will not only be refreshing, but is needed.
My hope is that city government will function as designed beginning with the new year – with the three separate branches working together and working within the philosophy of checks and balance. In my opinion, too much of the power and decision making has been harnessed under the fist of the administrative branch in the recent past.

My concern is that the council, serving as the legislative branch, will become too eager to assume control of city government and throw the whole process into a spin. Will a group of loyalists to the outgoing administration form a council bloc to defeat or upend ideas put forth by the new mayor?

The burden of sound government will fall upon all involved. For the good of Dillon, let us hope that through the transition and forward, level heads prevail and the drama of childish behavior does not become the focal point of the City of Dillon government.
Dr. Klakken worked hard on his campaign and his message apparently resonated with the voters considering his decisive margin of victory
. He won the election running a respectable campaign. He deserves the opportunity to run the office on his terms with his people.

Congratulations on your election, Dr. Klakken. Good luck and good judgement to you. The residents of Dillon deserve a responsible city government.

(Down the Middle is a personal opinion column by J.P. Plutt, editor of the Dillon Tribune.)