Mayor Marty Malesich goes out stinging

outgoing Dillon Mayor Marty Malesich

Outgoing Mayor Marty Malesich used the public comment period at the end of the Dec. 18 Dillon City Council meeting to thank his staff and the current city council, but dedicated most of his final address as mayor to denouncing the Dillon Tribune, Tribune Editor J.P. Plutt, and a Dec. 11 column by Plutt headlined, “May good judgment and respect carry the day as the new year brings fresh faces and ideas.”

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Malesich, who leaves office the first week of January after 12 years as mayor after losing his re-election bid for a fourth term in November, told the council and others present, including Plutt:

“I just don’t like to get into an argument with people who buy their ink by the gallon, or by the barrel full, but I take exception to the editorial of Mr. Plutt. I thought it was uncalled for, biased and I wouldn’t stoop to even answer to it. But I’ve had several people ask me what I ever did to you, Mr. Plutt, and I have no idea. But it’s been going on for my 12 years, and it’s very disappointing that the last time we actually had any positive anything about the city—and there’s a lot of positive things that happened through the last 12 years—and the last positive things that we had anything for the city was when Mr. (John) Barrows (Dillon Tribune editor and publisher from 1989 to 2005) was here. And it’s very disappointing, and that hurts not only the whole city. And we talked to Mr. (Dick) Crockford (current Tribune publisher) about it, and apparently it doesn’t do any good.

“And I think there’s some questions, I understand there’s some problems with subscriptions, and I’ve heard a lot of people say it is such a negative thing that they would rather read the Dillonite Daily, which I myself during my campaign I didn’t spend one penny, and that was the reason.

“Now I don’t care what’s said about me, but I really do take exception that my staff was insulted and so was the City Council, and I take exception to that, which it doesn’t do any good, but I think it just needs to be said that these are fine people. Been here for 12 years and I’ve had some, some what I really call poor Council people, but I don’t’ think that the public understands that the Mayor can only do what the Council elects him to do. And I think this Council, we are in partnership and we like to do some good things for the city.

“And it sure doesn’t do any good for somebody or publicity to be negative all the time. And so enough of the negative stuff, because I don’t get the paper and I will not as long as Mr. Plutt is there, and maybe we’ll have a different publisher, too.

“Now, to the Council and my staff, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was the last four years was very pleasurable. We gotta lot of things done, not because of me, but because of you. And so I thank you, and we will remain friends for as long as I’m here.

“And I’m not going away, by no means. This might be the last Council meeting that I preside over, but I wanna tell you it’s been a real pleasure. There’s been some times that haven’t been so good, but all in all, I can look back on real good memories. And I wanna again thank you for making me look good — besides the paper. So thank you very much.”