A little off the sides, a lot off the top


To the editor,


Washington D.C. needs to take a  lesson from Berkley,  California.  On all the streets  leading into Berkley are signs  “no military uniforms to be worn in Berkley.”  A  law passed during Vietnam.

The signs leading into D.C. Should read “no lobbyist allowed inside this city-in person or on the phones or computers.”

These lobbyists are paid a  ridiculous salary to brow beat,  bribe,  and do anything to convince the congress to pass  laws-or change them - to reward the big companies  with  laws that aid them to get the contracts from Congress; to get money passed that will help the companies; to get overseas benefits that other companies  don’s have.

All those storys about free flights,  Super Bowl tickets,  Reno and Vegas trips happen every day in D.C.  A senator’s son is getting married and all these lobbyists  guarantee that papa senator won’t spend a  cent of his money,  but  “hey papa  senator-remember me when the budget comes  up.”

The congress created these vampires and it doesn’t take a  change to the Constitution to outlaw them from not only congress  but all the departments.  It’s time that congress  takes care of the countries  problems, not sweetening the pot for a  group of conniving American corporations.  Knock off all the paid for dinners and cook your own food,  congress or hire a  cook.

You get enough from us in your salary.  D.C.  Must learn that going to that town does not make one a  person of royalty,  even though you live like it.

The rest of America pays for haircuts...Congress; start with that. If you like your barber, you’ll enjoy the time in the chair, chatting about anything but politics. That’s when haircuts go  astray.


Billl Hanley

Twin Bridges