Term limits needed


To the editor,


On 10 December, the fire commissioner from Pennsylvania was on Fox News about the Affordable Care Act versus volunteer fire departments. As of the appearance, he and three other state’s fire commissioners were getting ready to go to court to get the health department and the IRS to answer their letters.

The volunteer fire departments have been judged to work more than the 30 hours a week and fall under having to have Obamacare paid for all the volunteers. As he stated, these fire departments cover over 60% of our country and have a hard enough time just keeping their equipment operational. As he claimed, this would put over 70%of the fire departments in the U.S. out of service or the local citizens will see an additional tax to pay for the insurance of all those volunteers.

The last reports from the states – not the White House – state that 62% of those inquiring for the act are being signed up for the states’ Medicaid program, which is supposed to be for those making under the poverty level + 34%. The states are saying that their budgets for Medicaid will be broke even the three years that Obama has promised to pay 100% of the new signups. Each year after, the amount the fed (taxpayers) put in will be reduced.

The way this government spends money is a disaster and shame. We owe $17 trillion in debts and D.C. just sits there like a drunken sailor buying drinks on his tab and he knows he’s broke – so what – call the cops and then try to get your money. The need for term limits is the only option left to the taxpayers. The two-party system has turned into the Hatfields and McCoys mentality, only the stolen pig is now America.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges