Say it ain’t so, Joe


To the editor,


Did you read what Joe Barnhart wrote on this page last week? He tried to bowl us over with his gutter ball language. Joe why are you making fun of bowling? It may be the No. 1 sport of millions. The wonderful game where you roll a ball down an alley that doesn’t look like an alley. You try to knock some pins down and after you knock them down they put them back up. You can’t win no matter how many times you knock them down. They always put them back up. Ok, Joe, maybe you were right and I was wrong. Or maybe I was right and you were wrong about being right. One of those!

But then you went on to say you are going to buy a multicolored wooden spoon. Joe they don’t sell wooden spoons anymore. They are all made from plastic. Plastic that was ground up from old, used, antiquated bowling balls. And no, they did not wash them. Just put them in a grinder! And you want to buy a spoon?

One other thing!! You said your wife was a cheap date. Am I supposed to say “lucky you” or there are no cheap dates just cheap date takers? You forgot to mention your wife is your gale force.

Ok, sorry one last thing? In the future please don’t make fun of curling, cricket or darts. You bowled us over last week. Congratulations on your super game of 100. What a great accomplishment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


La Von D. Brillhart