No jobs, it is a Wilderness Bill


To the editor,


Tester’s FJRA has been nothing more than a wilderness bill from the start, which he has admitted. The only truth in the bill is that it will create over 650,000 more acres of wilderness. Montana has 3.5 million acres now, how much is enough? The main reason for this bill is to get livestock off public lands, you will hear otherwise but that is the main focus. Our forests are in the poorest health they have ever been , do we do the right and manage them the way should or just let them burn.

Congressman Daines has a great bill that will help get our forests back to a healthy condition, plus create the forest jobs that our state desperately needs. What a novel common sense approach.

The FJRA will not create the forest jobs we need, simply because the people supporting this will be the to stop the logging. The FJRA will not as stated create more recreation opportunities. For many years, especially in the Graverly Range, the USFS has closed off more and more access for recreation and hunting. One of the main proponents of this bill has seen to this. Reasons given were no monies to repair roads, fix bridges, replace culverts, etc. Really, those actions were nothing more than to deny access to our forests. Tester’s bill will only add to this problem. No one talks about the economic disaster that will happen. Madison and Beaverhead counties’ economies will be destroyed, which the Senator and his supporters could care less about. It’s all about VOTES, certainly not what is right for Montana.

You will hear differently, but Montana does not want more wilderness.


Ray Shaw