Opposes Tea Party


To the editor,


Recently, as reported in all media, even moderate Republicans, in both our state legislature and the U.S. Congress, are moving away from the obstructionist and irresponsible tactics of state and national tea-party members. So, while it isn’t necessary to attend a tea-party event to see what the party is promulgating, as suggested by one tea-party advocate in last week’s Letter to Editor, it just might be a good idea for the curious to go and hear their mission. From the meetings I attended, and from their written manifestos and NGO releases, I came away with their primary message, i.e., “to fear”--BIG time.

Parts of their mantra: the UN is going to take away our private property rights; “consensus” and “sustainable” are words/actions to fear and suspect; environmental legislation such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Natural Grasslands Act, Endangered Species Act are all part of a conspiracy by the “oligarchic elite”; nullification of certain lawful/constitutional provisions (their choices) are imperative; sheriffs should hold highest law in our land; even this--RINOs have taken over the Republican party claims one local prominent local tea-party member. However, we all know that the culprits who shut down our government recently were the tea-party majority in the U.S. House over their hatred of the legimate ACA law. And, daily we witness their ridiculous gridlock tactics, ad absurdum, ad nauseam.

 Here’s an announcement for all those invited to tea-party gatherings! The upcoming event that might be a hoot, or a shocker, will be held on December 16 in Kalispell, sponsored by an NGO “Defend Rural America” (tea-partiers rail against NGOs unless they represent their own beliefs). Prominent participants read like a who’s who of the tea-party, Oathkeepers, American Tradition Partnerships, and militia-affiliated types, as well as Jennifer Fieldler, Vice Chair of the MT Republican party, and Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel. And get this -- a main topic is entitled “Working To Get Rural Counties to Secede From States to Form Their Own New States.” The tea-partiers claim they understand the constitution, but this nonsense would take us back to the days of the Articles of Confederation. Are these the people that letter-writer claims represent intelligent and rational thinkers who care deeply about this country?

 With ironic serendipity, a same-page LTE last week spoke clearly and historically to the very concept that the tea-party folks cannot seem to get. Rather than hate our system of government, we all should understand the economic history of the U.S. and free market capitalism, stay rational, educate ourselves about our candidates for office and vote for the best person, not the party. 


Pat Bradley

Twin Bridges