Tales of Karl Marx or Marx brothers?


To the editor,


The only thing missing from Francisconi’s condemnation of America was a chant “workers of the world unite.”

The progressive leftist professor Levinsky couldn’t have said it better.

Considering that in the old Soviet and China, there was no private property nor did the people invest in any Enterprise because everything went to and belonged to mother Russia or Mao’s Chinese leaders. The only exports were arms and fear, products not shipped through the “free markets”.

His attempt to rally the poor to his ideology should remind Americans that President Johnson’s “war on poverty” was a farce. The object of that law was to legally put America’s poor on record, keep them poor, make them reliant on government checks and handouts with the promise that only the Democratic party would protect those benefits; so vote for us.

The poor, regardless of race or money invested has increased the government financial support and handouts have increased and the political rhetorics democrats in over the edge. To criticize this regime makes one a “racist”. For the 1st time in history, a law is passed and Americans are “mandated” to buy a product or be fined. A “fine” is called a “tax” by the Supreme Court, and millions lose a medical plan they chose because the plan does not include all 10 of the medical procedures dictated by the law.

We are now drawing closer to the type of government recommended by Marx Palanyi, Lewinsky and apparently Mr. Francisconi. Is it true that he teaches at Western? The very government he seems to condemn insures his salary and rights will be preserved unlike the old Russian and China.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges