Bohlinger’s Tea Party attacks


To the editor,


Former Lt. Governor John Bohlinger’s recent comments put into question his ability to serve as U.S. Senator and represent the people of Montana. When announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat, he compared the Tea Party to the Taliban. His comments are either cowardly, or ignorant. Either Bohlinger lacks the courage to face the reality of $17 trillion in debt ($100+ trillion in unfunded liabilities), or he is completely ignorant of the problem. Bohlinger’s comments are a distraction from the larger issues that affect us, one of the most important being runaway government spending,

The Taliban have waged a “real war on women,” desecrating them in public, and violently oppressing the rights of girls getting an education (i.e.” I am Malala”, is an auto-biography of a 15-year old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head because she wanted an education and survived to tell about it.) Making a comparison between the Taliban and the Tea Party is offensive to many voters and, well, stupid. 

It is my experience that the harshest critics of the Tea Party have never been to a Tea Party event. I was very curious when the Tea Party first entered the scene as a new voice in politics. I attended a Tea Party event in Helena, and I can tell you that the Tea Party members I met were intelligent, and rational thinkers who care deeply about this country. The event was peaceful, upbeat, and the message they delivered was spot on. They stand for constitutionally-limited government, fiscal accountability, and free markets-All principles this country was founded on. What is so wrong and offensive about such a message?

Unlike the current majority of self-serving Democrats and Republicans in Washington that have been touting the party line for generations, the Tea Party did not create the enormous problems our country is now facing. Tea Party members strike me as true patriots, the complete opposite of the current “leadership” in Washington. Rather than being cause for concern, I would suggest that the Tea Party’s voice of reason is cause for hope in this country.

Bohlinger may well have shot himself in the foot with such comments. Apparently he is not aware of recent poll numbers. A November Washington Post-ABC News Poll indicates that 38 percent of Americans support the Tea Party. An Oct. 29, 2013 Rasmussen poll of likely voters indicated that 42 percent say their views come closest to those of the average Tea Party member while 42 percent say their views are closer to Obama.

Don’t believe Bohlinger about the Tea Party. Attend a Tea Party event and find out the truth.


Cynthia Osborne

Twin Bridges