Having the proper Thanksgiving focus


To the editor,


My mailbox has already brought me several delightful wall calendars for 2014. It is a joy to look at them and see varied reminders of many pleasant wonders for thanksgiving that our creator has given us. Their pages show a splendid array of colorful flowers, majestic scenes among our beloved Rockies, gardening pictures with tips, etc. Ah yes, these are among the many things by which we are blessed.

But there is a great wonder of wonders that deserves our very best of attention. Every day’s news brings more evidence that you and I, among the millions, have by our conduct massively corrupted our lord’s creation. The origin of this continuing tragedy is recorded in the first few chapters of God’s word, the Bible. In our original form, we were made by God “in his own image” - completely free from sin. But you and I, in the loins of Adam, have messed it up terribly. Sadly, the world is busy “doing its own thing” - even some nice things - trying to create its own utopia.

Without reviewing the long trail of sickening failure through the ages, at a critical point two thousand years ago, the time arrived for our creator to put his rescue plan into fulfillment. The four Gospels of the Bible’s New Testament give the details of that marvelous account. Each of us is born with a disobedient nature of pride and self-will. In unfathomable love the son of God took the form of human flesh, so that he could restore that broken union with our maker. It was accomplished in a glorious wonder on the Cross of Calvary (Isaiah 53).

In dastardly rejection, men put him there, but the almighty father turned their cursed blight into eternal blessing. His passionate love for us caused him to afflict his own innocent son with holy stripes to pay the debt of justice for the sins of you and me. When each of us is ready in repentance for the eternal God to completely take over in his/her life, He invites us to “Come!” He forgives every sin, makes one’s inner man “new” with his life (II Corin. 5:17), and prepares that one as a citizen headed for his heavenly kingdom and glory. There is nothing that can compare to this fabulous gift of God. The pilgrims claimed this Thanksgiving wonder that lasts forever. So can you.


H. Eugene Eslinger