Is it Obamasnare?


To the editor,


Should I go on the Exchange? Yes, with a great big “if”. If your Federal Poverty Level is less than 400%. What is my FPL and do I qualify for a subsidy?   Googfe... subsidy calculator/ the Henry Kaiser..., scroll down and answer the seven questions, click Submit. The results are shown immediately, no personal information is required. If you qualify for a Government Subsidy you may want to go through the Exchange. Currently there are three companies willing to offer insurance through Obama’s Exchange in Montana.

If you are among the 20,000 people in Montana who have received your cancelation notice and do not qualify for a subsidy you could save 30 to 50% over your current premium. Example; age 62 canceled policy premium $1,100 per month, the Silver 1 [ HSA qualified ] will be $650 effective Jan.1,2014.

If you do not qualify for a subsidy you will be better off to avoid going through the exchange. The real question is; Do I want to be included in that high risk group? Think about the Risk factor of the group that have the Exchange as their only option for Health Insurance.


Dennis Jessen