Keystone Pipeline political payoffs


To the editor,


Thousands of farmers and ranchers aside, (including the next generation) who would have to put up with the Keystone XL (Extra Large) Pipeline on their land from North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico, supporters of this project are easy to find. Political campaign contributions received toward Keystone XL between the election cycles of 2004 and 2012 include: Jon Tester $22,800, Steve Daines $39,500 (how long has Steve been in office?), Max Baucus $96,900, Darrell Issa $107,500, Eric Cantor $226,900, Ted Cruz $294,550, John Boehner $314,700, Mitch McConnell $384,700. Most if not all of these folks continue to cite Keystone’s optimistic job projections which include counting one pipeline worker for two field seasons = two jobs. Meanwhile US exports of finished gasoline and diesel products continue to increase.


Gary Gerth