The giving branch of the tree


To the editor,


President Obama has designated the IRS (+9,000 more agents) to control Obama care funds. However an audit of IRS operating has revealed a $4 billion mistake that resembles the “Keystone Kops” antics.

Six hundred IRS refund checks were sent to the same address in Bulgaria, a similar number to an address in China and another occurrence in Nigeria. The total amount of losses to us citizens is $4 billion.

Of course, Washington D.C. will claim that they need new computers, their agents need more intensive training, and this could happen to any organization who can’t keep up with the ever-changing tech world. Have I left any reasonable excuse off this list? Oh yes, “we didn’t know anything until we read it in the paper”.

Return the schools back to the states, do away with endowment to the arts (we don’t need more rosarys in jars of urine), creat an elected board to control all these grants that allow “studying the sex life of a Brazilians frog”. Change the constitution that will require supreme court members to be elected and to serve three 4-year terms. Senate two 6-year terms and house six 2-year terms. If it’s our safety belt for the presidency, then it’s good enough for all the others. Also there are no more offices that one can have for life!

The modern Republican and Democratic politicians should not be allowed to choose any of the judgeships in America’s law system. Their hatred of each other makes their decisions more of “ha ha, I’ve got mine” schoolyard antics. They have lost that decorum needed in our congressional procedures. “Get over it, you lost this election” was seen; from 6 different Democrats on c-span TV.


Bill Hanley 

Twin Bridges