The voters spoke


To the editor,


I was appalled at the post election comments from our current Mayor that were quoted in the Nov. 13 Dillon Tribune.

His public claim of shock that Michael Klakken actually garnered 617 votes was tasteless. Perhaps he has been in touch with the wrong people. I, for one, was not a bit shocked. I have heard numerous complaints about actions taken in the 12 years under his leadership. It is definitely time for a change.

Worse yet was his statement that all he had worked for in 12 years is now going to be “pissed away.” This was in even poorer taste and an unacceptable statement to be made publicly.

I feel he owes Dr. Klakken an apology.

Fortunately, he assures us that he won’t run for Mayor again in the future. It will be refreshing to have a man of Integrity as our mayor.


Edith Fletcher