A list of lies


To the editor,


How many falsehoods have been revealed through ObamaCare: What has this president promised and campaigned on? When does the excuse "I didn't know" get to be unbelievable?

You can keep your health Insurance-that's No. 1. You can keep your doctor- that's No. 2. If you are under 26 years old, you can be on your parents insurance. (Not if your parents insurance did not contain one of the 14 medical categories demanded by Obamacare) that's No. 3. Your costs are lower. That's No. 4. Your out-of-pocket (deductions and co-pays) are lower. That's No. 5. Our web-site will be up and running by October 10, and millions will be signing up. Those are No. 6 and No. 7. There are some "glitches in the system that we are fixing. Lies No. 8 and No. 9.

Millions are getting cancellation notices. Millions are joining medicaid in those states who were foolish to obey Obama's request to expand their state medicaid program. Oh yes, maybe a promise that may be broken "the Federal Government will pay-100% the first two years of that cost for people joining your expanded medicaid. Who pays after those two years - still the tax payers!!

In that "26 carried on parents insurance promise." One of the categories that are in Obamas mandated coverage is "sex changes". How many parents have that coverage in their current chosen packages??? How many Catholics did not include birth control devices, or pregnancy care after their children turned 21?

We still haven't heard what some of those 29 taxes in Obamacare are. We just found that a tax on savings program was raised and that goes into Obamacare payments.

All this was dropped on the public. What is going to be dropped on the corporations that got a years reprieve from this monster? Surely, this man who has promised to change our America, is not going to let corporations; that he hates, not be included in this master plan to maim America and kill the Republican Party.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges