Dillon challenger unseats incumbent mayor

Klakken tops Malesich in Dillon balloting

Michael Klakken, the challenger in Dillon's mayoral race, successfully unseated Mayor Marty Malesich,  the three-term incumbent, 617-503, in Tuesday's city election. (See Your Town>Dillon for results by ward.)

Klakken focused his campaign on rolling back highly unpopular city water and sewer rates. The mayor's race was the only contested position.

City Judge John Gutcheck garnered 980 votes to keep his job. Elected to the city council were Richard Achter, Ward 1, 12 votes; Lynn Westad, Ward 2, 256; William Schafer, Ward 3, 16; and Nils "Swede" Troedsson, Ward 4, 25. Achter, Schafer and Troedsson were write-in candidates.

In Lima, John Stosich, 70 votes, and David G. Brown, 63 votes, were elected to the town council, and David D. Olsen was elected mayor with 68 votes.

The Wisdon-Jackson Fire District No. 3 levy passed, 90-33.

In balloting around the Ruby Valley, most positions were uncontested, but in Sheridan, incumbent Dean Derryberry prevailed in the mayor's race, 166-87, over Michael Lauren. Elected to the town council there were Paul Kramer, with 198 votes, and Mark McLaughlin, 191.

Thomas Hyndman was given the nod by Twin Bridges voters, receiving 91 votes, while David Albert Banks Jr., 81 votes, Matthew Greemore, 78, and David Smith, 93, won the open council seats.

The most crowded ballot in the area saw, Robert L. Erdall, 98 votes, and Justin Gatewood, 91, elected to two-year terms on the Virginia City commission. Barbara L. Smith received 29 votes.

Taking the three 4-year terms there will be Scott Petersen, 100 votes, Erin Leonard, 87, and Scott Kelley, 72. The unsuccessful candidates were Janet Allestad, 31 votes, David Bacon, 38, James Sschaak, 12, and Lois Yenney, 14.