How much?


To the editor,


We were supposed to be told each week how many Americans had enrolled in ObamaCare. It’s been 18 days and not one report. A Congressperson on Friday said the figure was only 50,000 who were successful.

If those 50,000 are mostly “prior illnesses” and the very poor who are highly subsidized, then ObamaCare is heading into bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy seeks to be the end game of this administration. The taxpayers were asked to invest in seven solar panel manufacturers,♦ and all went bankrupt. We were asked to invest in an electric car and a company to manufacture the big batteries that would run the car. Both ended up in bankruptcy.

If this young generation of Americans reject ObamaCare, and if too many of those who will be subsidized sign up, there is no way that those insurance companies can pay the immediate and daily bills from prior illnesses. And if the middle class takes the $95 fine, Republicans would be smart to just let this monster devour itself. It would mean that even Obama’s main political boasting point is like the rest of his administration – bankrupt.

The biggest drawback of ObamaCare are the steep deductibles. The average one $5,000 With 20% coinsurance. There are not many middle class folks that can afford $5,000 up front. According to the reports from doctors, if they take Medicaid and ObamaCare patients, they are going to demand the deductible be paid before the procedures can happen. Obamacare, meet car accident deductibles.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges