Vote for Marty


To the editor,


Dillonites, have you all voted for mayor yet. No! Then give me a minute of your time as a concerned county member.

When I decided to start a business here for everyone in Dillon and Beaverhead county, No one was more supportive of a Taxi business for our county than Mayor Marty. He not only wrote a letter of introduction to the public service commission, Marty has been a staunch advocate knowing my business would help keep citizens on the right side of the law, and out of harms way

Mind you, we have had our differences, I am a center left Democrat. But Marty is in fact very approachable for Democrats like me and Republicans alike, to discuss ways to mutually move forward for the good of our city and county, without all the bickering the country is going through

I wouldn’t usually take the time to ponder the Mayoral race, but I have seen Marty make a difference, and still keep your taxes lower than in other towns, get things finally fixed that were woefully not working in Dillon, correct the budget, and creatively find matching funds when necessary.... So really folks do you want a change in the middle of a new sewer project, to someone with no experience of governing at all.

Can we stand someone who I never saw at meetings of merit until he runs for office against Marty every election? Do we really want to change, to the crazy we have seen from the extremist elements of either party in DC, running our town too? Stick with Marty folks. Let him and his team finish what they have started in Dillon, for all of our sakes.



Norma Duffy