BCHS runners hit stride in time for state meet

Regular season wraps up

After weeks of steady improvement, Beaverhead County High School’s cross country runners appear to be peaking at the right time.

Though Coach Betty Iverson is realistic about winning team trophies at this Saturday’s state meet in Missoula, she believes her runners will demonstrate how much they have improved over the course of the season. Corvallis and Hamilton will be the teams to watch, she noted.

“We have two of the top teams in our division,” she said Monday. “Barring something drastic, the Corvallis girls will win the state title for the third year in a row. The Hamilton boys should get some hardware.”

The Hamilton boys won the Southwestern A Divisional Invitational last weekend, with Corvallis taking the girls’ team trophy. Overall, the Dillon grils were third and the boys fourth in the varsity competition.

Leading the Dillon boys was Isaiah Girard, who finished in 18th with a time of 18:45.2. Caleigh Buckmaster made the top 10 in her race, taking ninth place with a time of 21:23.2. Also in the top 20 for the BCHS girls were Hannah Telling, Jordynn Schindler and Kathleen Tatarka.

Iverson has her line-up ready for Saturday’s state runs, although competition within both the boys’ and girls’ teams is tight.

Running on the boys’ team will be seniors Hunter Clark and David Casey, juniors Sage Schoonen, sophomores Girard, Luke Harper, Colton Buckmaster and Josh Mosher. They are scheduled to run in the second race of the day, at 11:30 a.m. Going as alternates will be Joel River and Justin Anderson, a freshman.

Joining Buckmaster, a junior, on the girls’ team at state will be senior Schindler; juniors Telling, Audrey Schurg, Jordan Peterson and Annie Anderson; and freshman Tatarka. In the backup slots as alternates will be Caroline Andos and Taryn Mercer, both juniors. The girls will race at 12:35 p.m.

Iverson said she is optimistic about how the teams will perform at the state meet. One of those missing from the Southwestern A Divisional Invitational at Hamilton last weekend was Schoonen, the boys’ team’s leading runner so far this season.

 “Sage will be ready for Saturday,” she said. “He just needed to take a day off. I think it was good for him to watch the race from a different perspective.” Iverson added that her girls have their collective eye on moving up in the standings this year.

“I think the girls would like to better their 10th place from last year. To do that they will all need to better their times, which they can easily do as they have been doing that fairly consistently all season.”

The varsity girls have been running well as a pack throughout the season, with the second- through fifth-position runners often finishing their races within 90 seconds of each other.

“(The girls) probably need to average around a 21:45 or so, and they got a 22:58 average at divisionals, but that was without Audrey. At (the Capital City 7-on-7 meet in Helena) they averaged 22:04.”

Among the BCHS boys, competition has been keen throughout the season for the sixth and seventh positions.

“Josh Mosher and Justin Anderson have been moving up each meet,” Iverson said. “Josh's time bettered two varsity times Saturday.” Mosher ended up gaining the seventh position.

“The boys have been steadily improving but it'll be tough to make the top 10 (at the state meet). I would guess their average would need to be somewhere around 18 (minutes). Without Sage, they were 19:40 at divisionals.  At 7-on-7 they were 18:35. Colton Buckmaster had his seventh personal best in eight meets (last Saturday).”

Iverson said the dedication shown by the entire team, including its large number of newcomers, has been encouraging all season long.

“Since 19 of our 30 members have never run cross country before, we hope we've instilled an excitement about the team in particular and a commitment to running, especially in the off season,” she said. “Many of them were pleasantly surprised at the gains they made over the course of the season.”


Southwestern A Divisional

Saturday, Oct. 19

Hamilton Golf Course


Team scores— Hamilton 22, Corvallis 46, Anaconda 104, Dillon 113. Butte Central incomplete team.

Individual Top 20

1, Anthony Schmalz, Ham, 16:26.1; 2, Easton Albert, Ham, 16:27.2; 3, Ronald Venema, Cor, 16:39.67; 4, Aidan Theard, Ana, 16:46.1; 5, Karill Apedaile, Ham, 16:54.9; 6, Cameron Meikle, Ham, 16:55.7; 7, Konor McGee, BC, 16:58.2; 8, Greg Beck, Ham, 17:21.5; 9, Dane Watt, Cor, 17:31.7; 10, Carson Jessop, Cor, 17:36.0; 11, Porter Jessop, Cor, 17:54.0; 12, Tanner Lehr, Ham, 17:56.4; 13, Eric Healy, Cor, 18:07.9; 14, Shannon Tempel, BC, 18:24.1; 15, Ben Raynoso, Cor, 18:07.9; 16, Josh Jessop, Cor, 18:29.5; 17, Kole Tison, Ham, 18:40.5; 18, Isaiah Girard, Dil, 18:45.2; 19, Sam Parker, Ham, 18:53.9; 20, Trey Smollack, Ana, 18:56.3;

Other Dillon runners— 21. Luke Harper, 19:01; 22. Hunter Clark, 19:41; 23. Colton Buckmaster, 19:45; 29. David Casey, 21:07; 31. Joel Rivera, 22:02


Team scores— Corvallis 17, Hamilton 54, Dillon 83. Stevensville, Butte Central and Anaconda did not have complete teams.

Individual Top 20

1, Isabella Pape, Cor, 18:38.4; 2, Kaycie Stewart, Cor, 18:56.8; 3, Sadi Henderson, Cor, 18:57.0; 4, Kaitlin Stromberg, Ham, 20:14.4; 5, Amelia Gardner, Cor, 20:30.7; 6, Sydnee McClendon, Cor, 20:37.7; 7, Rachel Wisenbach, Cor, 20:43.2; 8, Jaycie Schmalz, Ham, 21:15.1; 9, Caleigh Buckmaster, Dillon, 21:23.2; 10, Grace Kurfman, Cor, 21:49.0; 11, Tess Clancy, Ham, 21:53.6; 12, Abby McGee, BC, 21:55.6; 13, Kali Hayes, Ham, 22:09.3; 14, Darci Lewis, Cor, 22:11.0; 15, Hannah Telling, Dil, 22:26.7; 16, Hannah Calo, Ste, 22:57.0; 17, Jordynn Schindler, Dil, 23:07.8; 18, Alleah Jordan, Ham, 23:12.5; 19, Sierra Gideon, Ham, 23:18.9; 20, Kathleen Tatarka, Dil, 23:19.7.

Other Dillon runners— 22. Jordan Peterson, 23:30; 25. Annie Anderson, 24:24.