Saved the day


To the editor,


The Montana WWAMI Medical Education Office recently hosted the CLIC International Conference at Big Sky (a conference for medical educators from around the world with over 240 participants). The conference ended on Oct. 2nd and 50 of our conference guests had signed up for an optional two-day/two-night tour of Yellowstone Park. By Monday of that week, as the impending government shut down seemed likely, we scrambled to put together an alternate tour, which ended up being a history tour of southwest Montana. Conference attendee Dr. Serena Brewer, a physician in Butte and a Montana WWAMI teaching physician, got the ball rolling with a list of folks who might be able to feed, house, and entertain our group. We ended up touring the lovely high plains and mountain valleys of southwest Montana (in a snowstorm no less, which wildly entertained those from the southern states, the Australians and the South African in our group—but not so much the Canadians, Scots or Norwegians), with a stop in Virginia City, Bannack State Park, a tour of one of our teaching sites, Barrett Hospital in Dillon (on auxiliary power due to the snowstorm), and evening talks at the Butte Archives. We learned about Butte physician Dr. Caroline Magill from Dr. Lindsey Henson, and your local historian and high school teacher, Mr. Chris Fisk, offered a lively talk about Butte’s very colorful past. Our Karst Stage driver, Mr. Mike Sweeney, with a master’s degree in Native American studies, a fifth generation Montanan, and naturalist, and our volunteer step-on guide and Lewis and Clark historian, Dr. Ron Loge of Dillon both added great historical depth and entertainment as we viewed the countryside.



Jay S. Erickson M.D., Assistant Dean, WWAMI Clinical Phase/Montana - University of Washington School of Medicine

Bernadette Duperron, Judi Sullivan, MT WWAMI Program Specialists, Whitefish