We have the right


To the editor,


On the weekend of September 28-29 I found myself surrounded at a Belly of the Bengeyfield Beast locale: The Deep Creek Shooting Range west of Missoula.   The venue was awash in card carrying NRA members, people subject of considerable vitriol by Mr. B.   Watching the group convened for the Montana State Long Range Rifle Championships, there were no mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, redneck wackos in sight! A possible observational failure on my part.

Shooters gathered from all points of the compass including Canada, Washington, Idaho, and Montana with both genders participating in trying to hit an “X” ring five inches in diameter at 1000 yds.  No mean feat.!   Participants included a retired dentist, information technology expert, federal wildlife biologist, jewelry designer, and Montana Army National Guard snipers.

Over the course of the two day match literally thousands of rounds were fired with the only casualties being the targets. The National Guard sniper team was on the firing point next to mine fielding camouflaged equipment including a 30 caliber ASSAULT RIFLE! At no time did any of their rifles exhibit any threatening behavior towards me.   Were I to ascribe credibility to Mr. Bengeyfield’s gun/NRA/assault rifle diatribes, I should have been guzzling “meds” to get through the trauma of close proximity to such people and hardware! Did not do so and emerged psychically unscathed.

At one time in his professional career, Mr. Bengeyfield was respected for cogent analyses and critical thinking skills.   His recent firearms polemics appear to demonstrate a significant loss of those skills related to citizen rights under the Second Amendment. To paraphrase one of his admired “geniuses”, President Clinton regarding gun violence. “It’s the perpetrator, stupid!”

For those who may have been bemused by Mr. B’s reference to non-attributed “phony” legal decisions on 2nd Amendment Rights, a much higher level of jurisprudence than his can be found at District of Columbia vs Heller (US Supreme Court - 2008), McDonald vs. Chicago (US Supreme Court -2010), Moore vs. Madigan ( US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit - 2012), and Haynes vs. United States (US Supreme Court - 1968). The latter is particularly interesting regarding gun registration!

They are all available on the web. Check them out.


Art Rohrbacher