Meet the candidates for Mayor: Candidate Dr. Michael Klakken

Candidate Dr. Michael Klakken


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Michael Klakken and I would like to be your next mayor. I moved to Dillon went I started the seventh grade and graduated from BCHS. My mother Alice, a retired school teacher, married Dr. Gordon Knorr, a local veterinarian, after we moved to Dillon. My wife of 33 years, Renee, is the daughter of local ranchers John and Beverly Hren. I worked for Pfizer throwing talc bags and driving a front end loader. I then attended and graduated from Montana State University with a major in Physics and then earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Washington State University. After graduation I worked 12 years for Hercules (now named Alliant Techsystems) located in Salt Lake City, Utah (yes, I was a rocket scientist). In 1998 my wife and I wanted to be closer to our families so we moved back to Dillon. We bought a home and started Aces Inc., with my sister in law Cheryl, and her husband Jeff. At Aces I repair and sell computers and have done so for approximately 14 years. I have done job shadowing for the Youth Challenge Program and participated in several Dillon Middle school mentoring programs.

Explain to the voters your qualifications for the office you seek and why you are the best candidate for the position.

I have the necessary qualifications to be your next Mayor. I own a small business and understand how to make each dollar count. I am a good listener and I will hear all of your ideas and concerns. I fully believe that only as a team can difficult problems be solved and I will work to have the citizens of Dillon be part of that team. 

 I served the City of Dillon for four years as a member of the City Council (2004-2008), including four years on the Finance Committee (two years as Chairman), two years as Chairman of the Water and Sewer Committee, and one year as Judicial Committee Chairman. When I served on the City Council, I attended training courses on how a City should operate. I have the practical ideas on how the city could be run more efficiently. 

I will use the common sense that I have learned from my business experience in preparing the City Budget and I understand that the taxpayer is not a bottomless purse. 

I am a member and past Exulted Ruler of the Dillon Elks. During my tenure as Exulted Ruler the Elks had to make a transition to a new accounting system and with the help of the other officers we were able to make a smooth transition to the new system. I have worked for a large rocket manufacturing business that received multi-million dollar government contracts and grants and I know how to request and manage governmental monies. With my experience, training, education, and just common sense, I am the best person to represent you as Mayor of Dillon.