China now #1


To the editor,


Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, said, “he who controls the purse strings controls.” Guess who controls the purse strings of our nation now? That’s a no brainer;  it is China! I would have to say she is the cash richest country in the world at this time.

In regards to human rights, dissidents are not tolerated. Recently several schools collapsed, killing quite a large number of students. The parents protested, citing the shoddy construction of the buildings. The parents are now in jail.

Regarding our relationship with China, is the present administration so inept or do they not care about our great nation? China didn’t force us to buy from them. You can’t pick up anything that hasn’t been made in China. They produce huge volumes of goods that are made with next-to-slave labor and are shoddy in workmanship.   Why has the US been making the world safe for democracy in Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan to name a few, but gives China a pass? I’m concerned that China is building a huge trade surplus to use against us, “the US”. Make no mistake; China is intent on being the number one world power.

The top governing body in China is the Politburo.   They know communism doesn’t work so they have allowed free enterprise to flourish.  But make no mistake about it, the Politburo is in charge and we all know they are communistic.

You can’t tax your way into prosperity; you can’t get out of a hole by digging it deeper. Solution:

1. Lower taxes; 2. Eliminate the death tax;  3. Downsize our bloated government; 4. Get back on the gold standard; 5. Don’t listen to these countries that have all the answers. We need to march to our own drummer. It has always worked in the past and it will work again.


Jules Marchesseault