To the editor,


You have to pass it to see what is in it!

While talking to Paul [ my tax man ] about the necessity of the new Exchange Navigator for Obamacare, we decided if you understand the following, please move to the front of the class.

This is to clarify health insurance for your future. On January 1,2014 PPACA becomes the Law of the land. Each company WILL have a MLR of 80% by offering QHPs that include MEC with an EHB of 10 different categories of coverage, EHB’s will vary by state. The plans to be offered will be Bronze = 60%; Silver =70%; Gold = 80%; Platinum =90%, this is the actuarial value. Actuarial Value is the percentage of claims the plan pays for in-network EHBs.

In order to qualify for premium SUBSIDY people earning between 100% to 400% of the FPL “may” qualify based on their MAGI. The annual premium payment equals the price of the 2cd lowest cost Silver plan offered on the public Exchange in the state.

Lets not forget the “ tax penalty.” The greater of 1% or $95 individual, $285 family in 2014 then increasing 2.55 or $695 individual, $2,085 family in 2016. This on your MAGI {ask Paul}.

Thanks for coming by and cheering me up.


Dennis Jessen