When they come


To the editor,


Mr. Bengeyfield, first they came for the mentally ill and nobody did anything. Then they came for the handicapped and nobody did anything. Then they came for the Jews and the Gypsys and nobody  did anything.  Then they came for me and nobody did anything.

You take away the guns of the citizens  and only the gangs and crooks will have them –  background checks  or not.  The government  proved nothing when they shipped thousands  of assault  rifles to Mexico-naively thinking-”that the guns wouid lead ‘em to the drug dealers. “    That’s the mentality of this administration.

In the 50-60s the FBI did the background checks.  Then a civilian company was started   (probably by retired FBI agents)  and they do the background checks.   When asked why  they approved the secret clearance on  the navy yards shooter, when they supposedly had info about his mental state and incidence of violence with a gun,  the spokesman for the company stated  “we are not required to keep derogatory info in our files.   What  if someone wanted to verify that investigation?

Your idea  about exempting  black powder  is  just ridiculous.   Those are the very rifles  that killed thousands in  the early  wars.   Your  last sentence is  the only one in your article that makes any sense.  

“Those  who die in gun violence, die because of it”.     

When you and President Obama  clean up the murder  in Chicago,  then you can come to Montana and tell us how you would deny us our right to bear arms.

Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges