BCHS hosts invitational golf tournament

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Dillon’s Parker Love watches his tee shot travel down the fairway during the Beaverhead Invitational. Jess Alberi photo

By Jess Alberi
Dillon Tribune

The Dillon boys and girls golf teams both took fourth place and placed numerous individuals in the top 30 on their home Beaverhead Golf Course, where ten teams from around the area came to town to compete in the Beaverhead County High School Invite last Friday.

During a nice, cool morning on the well-maintained course, the only complaints heard concerned the fast greens and the slow pace of play.

With 10 boys and girls varsity teams, along with a few JV squads, competing on the nine-hole course, each hole got backed up at times, two foursomes deep.

“The course is in such good shape this time of year that everyone wants to come to our Invite,” said Dillon Head Coach Bernie Wasser.

“We even had one team call the course and invite themselves, but we had to call and turn them around because we just didn’t have enough room.”

Dillon’s Parker Love sustained his focus and patience, shooting 3 over on the front nine and ending the day in a four-way tie for ninth place at 82.

“I love the game of golf, so I tried to go every day this summer,” said the BCHS junior.

“The hardest part is the mental game. You just have to keep your calm and focus and try to play as good as you can.”

The four-way tie for ninth was broken by subtracting the score of the Invite’s hardest hole, which for the boys was the 12th.

The rest of the Dillon boys team all shot around the same score and took eight of the nine places between 18th and 27th.

As a team, the Beaver boys finished in fourth place behind Anaconda, Hamilton, and Belgrade, while the Beaver JV boys finished in sixth, and knocked off Stevensville and Butte Central.

“We have to manage the course better and be more mentally tough when we have a couple of bad holes during competition,” said Dillon’s seasoned golf coach.

After last week’s results, Coach Wasser staged a challenge at practice on Monday to fill the fifth varsity spot on the team for the Butte High Invitational.

Jace Kuntz, Sully Magee, Logan Hall and Corey Renfree all fought to join the varsity team, which as of now consists of Parker Love in the top spot, followed closely by Carson Turner, Nathaniel Reed and Travis Ackerson.

“We have a good coach in Wasser. He knows what he is talking about and knows the game well,” said the Adams swinging Love.

The Dillon boys team will hold its last challenge on Tuesday to determine who will be on the Beavers varsity postseason team, with the players with the top five averages making up the squad.

The leadership of Taylor Nelson and Casawndra Page this weekend provided the strength of the Dillon girls team, which also grabbed fourth place, ahead of Butte Central and Belgrade.

“The girls continue to work hard to get better and have also shown some improvement,” commented Coach Wasser.

“But inconsistency still plagues them as well.”

The four-member BCHS girls team has seen Shelby Klusner continue to improve with each tourney and Rachael Nye begin to show promise.

The Dillon boys and girls golf teams will play on two beautiful and challenging courses in Old Works and Butte Country Club this weekend.

The young golfers will then have a couple weeks to work on their games before Divisional.

Dillon will host the 2013 Southwestern A Divisional Tournament on Saturday, September 28 at the Beaverhead Golf Course.

Dillon Invitational Golf Tourney
At Beaverhead Golf Course
Boys team scores – 1, Anaconda, 321. 2. Hamilton, 332. 3. Belgrade, 335. 4. Dillon, 356. 5. Park, 364. 6. Dillon JV, 366. 7. Stevensville, 394. 8. Butte Central, 404. 9. Dilllon JV2, NA.

Top Ten individual boys scores
1. Wagner (Anaconda) 71. 2. O’Donnell ( Bozeman JV) 72. 3. Ferguson (Belgrade) 76. 4. Palin (Hamilton) 77. 5. Heath (Hamilton) 78. 6. Stetzer (Anaconda) 79. 80. Christopher (Belgrade) 82. 8. Noyd (Anaconda) 82. 9 Parker Love (Dillon) 82. 10 Hall (Bozeman JV) 82.

Dillon (356) – Parker Love 82; Nathaniel Reed 91; Travis Ackerson 91; Carson Turner 92; Jace Kuntz 92.

Dillon JV (366) – Sully Magee 89; Corey Renfree 91; Logan Hall 92; Gunner Maisch 94; John Bodnar 99.

DIllon JV2 (NS) – Logan Wilson 91; Nathanial Lemieux 96.

Girls team scores – 1. Park 391. 2. Anaconda 394. 3. Hamilton 497. 4. Dillon 509. 5. Butte Central NA. 6. Belgrade NA.

Top Ten girls individual scores
1. Hirsch (Belgrade) 88. 2. Tokash (Park) 89. 3. Peterson (Anaconda) 90. 4. Huber (Anaconda) 91. 5. Keegan (Park) 97. 6. Amunrud (Park) 98. 7. Moran (Bozeman JV) 99. 8. Rose (Hamilton) 100. 9. Morley (Anaconda) 105. 10 (tie). Weldon (Butte Central) &, Goetz (Park) 107.

Dillon (509) – Taylor Nelson 109; Casawandra Page 116; Shelby Kluesner 135; Rachael Nye 149.