Put the kids to work


To the editor,


Do you really want to find work for our young Americans? Do you really want to stop the obesity that exists in our youngsters?

This country needs to reactivate the CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps. We need these youngster to be placed in tent cities, across the western U.S. where there are miles of dead beetle-killed trees. Starting in May or even close to April, we need this corps to be placed in these fire danger zones to clean out the dead trees and the overgrown underbrush. We also need them to replant the areas where these fires have stripped the hillsides and could cause disastrous mud-slides.

We need for all the forest service people to be in command of these camps, hiring, firing and all the administration details that made the old ccc program work.

We do not need the environmentalists expanding their dictatorial regulations to stop this program if it is started. We do not need them to continuously take the CCC to court to keep them out of these forests as they do now whenever any company gets a brush cleaning contract.

We do not need Andy Stahl, director of the “watchdog group” Forest Service Employees For Environmental Ethics to suddenly get out his “crying towel” about the forest service spending all their money on fighting the fires that grow so big because in past years, the enviros said “stay out of our forests.” “How dare you even think about cleaning out all those beautiful dead trees.” “You don’t need to plant new trees, that’s what we got mother nature for.” Put your crying towel away, Andy . There’s not enough wetness there to help anything.

Senator Wyden (D-OR) tells us the fire prevention policy is broke. It’s been broke for over 30 years and the results of those 30 years of dead trees and underbrush have reached the level of “fuel” that only needs a spark or lightning strike to burn an area bigger than Conn.

So environmentalists, US Forest Service, labor department, US Armed Forces holding surplus tents and camping equipment, Youth for America, state employment offices, the hazardous fuels reduction program, Congress, the senate natural resources committee,what timber industry that still exists—get off your big arses and put our kids to work before we have no more forests. We need that green expanses so the elite of Hollywood can enjoy living in what has not been burned. 

In the fire season, these youngsters could also help fight the fires.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges