Wonderfully made


To the editor,


Come with me to a fast reflection of the starry heavens with their precise travels and purpose and for a quick recognition of the marvels involved in earthly life-forms — particularly the human body. Truly, all reason should conclude we are in a universe of magnificent Intelligent Design. Those words are capitalized, not because they could imply Divinity, but because they represent a contemporary scientific community of thought, sanctioned by hundreds of Ph.D. intellectuals. An active leadership is often displayed by the Discovery Institute of Seattle Washington.

But lo! Pride of heart among atheists feels a strong sting from such simple logic. Reaction, for instance, is displayed across this nation by some, such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation. It has stimulated attacks like one this year at Ball State University in Indiana. There, a popular astronomy professor suggested to an honors science class their consideration of possible Intelligent Design in their studies of the heavens. “No way!” screeched the Foundation, “That sounds like ‘religion’ - a violation of church and state.” Recently, the university president agreed, forbidding any further suggestion of Intelligent Design in that institution.

Hmmm. Thousands of youthful victims of brain-washing blindly blogged, “Yay!” Is it possible that these could have been delivered from such foolhardiness by a moment of reflection, maybe thusly:

“Think back to your great grandpa. How LONG did it take him to figure out what and how he should go about chewing and eating his morning breakfast - then proceed unthoughtedly to unlimber his legs (permitting automatic energy to intrude) - allow memory to his eyes to track the way to sit down in the bathroom - and — then permit the waste product of millions of dynamic chemical digestive elements (having acted previously on consumed food) to automatically flow out in muscular deliverance ~ all followed by the ‘logging in his nogging’ that he was now ready to face other events of the day?”

Those few reflective thoughts make us wonder how our very first grandpa could have managed his beginning of the day — if he had been forced to wait “a few million years” for a “mysterious evolution” to make possible those very elementary functions of life. Reasonable people are very happy that those needs had already been figured out and provided with fascinating wisdom! Bible believers conclude - agreeing with proponents of Intelligent Design--that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).


H. Eugene Eslinger