Impressed by fire responders


To the editor, 


Thursday 8/23 brought violent thunderstorms to the Lemhi pass area with countless lightning strikes and, thankfully, significant rain. Unfortunately, the storm also resulted in three fires in the area, two on public land and one on our property. Amazingly, by the time I saw the smoke plume a Montana Department of Natural Resources fire crew had already made entry by foot and put a line around the big fir that was struck and a hand full of other scorched trees, restricting the fire to a very small area. The crew, assisted by a unit from Garfield County, spent the rest of the evening mopping up the fire while monitoring crews’ progress on the other two fires. Saturday morning, a Beaverhead County crew consisting of volunteers from the Dillon Volunteer Fire Department did the final mop up and check.

 I was very impressed with both the DNRC and DVFD crews and the coordination between agencies. There is no doubt that the proactive response from DNRC prevented what could have been a conflagration if the fire had grown and moved into beetle-killed timber on adjacent Federal lands. 

Until this incident, I had no idea that the response we saw was even possible. These guys and gals know what they are doing! And, to those whose mantra is “we don’t need no government,” this should serve as an example of how government can and should work. 


Ed and Linda Mooney