Dispatch from Moldova


To the editor,


This week marks one year in Moldova.  Mine is a changing life.  I’ve been learning to yield to others, to personalities, to being misunderstood, to long lines.  I’ve learned that I don’t know much, but that God isn’t limited by that.  I’ve learned that people are people everywhere you go, and if you watch for it, you can find a heart that is genuine every day.  This year has been full of struggles and victories and tears and prayers.  Blessings beyond what I can describe.  I often think God brought me here so my girls could teach and help me, rather than the other way around.

After one year of growing on my own, my sister Kristy finally arrived in Moldova.  The Marxer girls are together again. Kristy has stepped easily into Moldovan life, and the girls love her already.  She can be found singing out in the garden or dragging drywall scraps out of the dumpster for art projects with the girls.  They are loving every minute of how Kristy is.

The girls are growing.  They are learning to think of others.  You have to watch for it, you have to learn to see the enormity of the small things.  I often fail to do that.  I get busy and I see the problems.    Here is an example of what I see when I pay attention and look for the good.   Last night at dinner, we were all enjoying some white grape juice.  It was a treat.  My boisterous lovable problem child piped up and said “yes, very delicious.”  I looked over at her and saw that her cup was empty.  I said “You didn’t even try it, why is your cup empty?”  My sweet, sweet girl had quietly served everyone else first before dinner, leaving her without a drop of that special treat in her own cup.  Don’t tell me I can’t cry at the table.  This is huge.  We made a big deal out of her small sacrifice, and Kristy and I bought her a small juice box today with Minnie Mouse on it.  I guarantee she will save that box.  She will probably write the date, “Miss Kristy & Miss Anna,” and some hearts on it too.  

We have four girls, and have recently finished more renovations on the house to accommodate four more.  We are searching through orphanages in the north to find the girls who need us the most.  I wish we could take them all.


Anna Marxer

Chisinau, Moldova