Thinking of Stan


To the  editor,


My favorite memory of being with Stan Lynde:

It was early in 1988. Stan and I were just finishing up a roundtrip to Helena (on Centennial Cattle Drive business, if I remember correctly), and en route back to Red Lodge we decided to stop in Bozeman for a drink.

After we entered some bar on Main St., we checked to see how much cash we had between us - and found we only had a total of 76¢. So, we ordered 76¢ worth of the house whiskey and shared turns sipping it from the same glass - laughing ourselves silly the whole time!

Yep, the two big-shot promoters of the largest cattle drive in 100 years down to splitting half a shot glass of cheap booze.

Thinking about it now, I realize it may have been the best time I had with Stan during the entire Cattle Drive experience.


Barry McWilliams