Made in China?!


To the editor,


I got up this morning and turned off my alarm clock. It was made in China. No one in the United States of America smart enough to make clocks?! I took off my pajamas, and the tag inside said made in Pakistan. I then took a shower; the soap was made in the U.S. and the water came from the U.S. … what a relief! I dried off with a towel that was made in Egypt, then shaved with a razor and it read “made in Greece.” What is going on? Is no one smart enough in the U.S. to make towels, a razor or pajamas?

I combed my hair, and you guessed it, the comb was made in China! I got dressed with underwear made in the Dominican Republic; a shirt, pants, socks, and shoes all made in China. 

Then I had breakfast. My oatmeal was from the U.S. But the box read, “made in Canada.” I had a cup of tea that was imported from India and the spoon I used to stir it was “made in China.” And all of this was just the first hour of my day. 

I watched the news before going to work. My local news was on my television that was made in China. The reporter spoke in English, not American. The first story of the day was a zillion people out of work in the U.S. … Duh!! What a surprise, nothing is made in the U.S. anymore. Everything is being shipped out to some other country. The second story on the news was, “according to a government survey there are more millionaires in America than ever before in U.S. history.” Are those the people who sent “our” jobs to a foreign country and got super rich? 

What can we do about it?? Not wear foreign clothes, don’t watch TV on a foreign television, don’t wear non-USA made shoes, don’t buy your children any foreign made toys, don’t buy any foreign appliances; just don’t buy anything that is not made in the USA!

What a laugh, or is it what a cry? You will end up buying a cemetery plot and being buried in a casket that was made in China. 


LaVon D. Brillhart