Social responsibility


To the editor,

The public sector, to operate efficiently and effectively, needs to have a separation from partisan politics of government. We must envision public agencies operating autonomously to carry out the social reforms needed to provide the needed social services, protect wageworkers, small family operated farm and small entrepreneurial-run businesses in which the owner does most of the work.

The public sector, along with re-energized rank-and-file labor unions, is necessary for democracy beginning on the shop floor. The rights to form unions of one’s own choice, to bargain collectively, to eliminate unemployment through expanded public works programs is but only the beginning.

We need to quit worrying about what the large Wall Street investment firms think. The transfer of large amounts of liquid capital daily with no personal loyalty to products or services provided by American workers is deeply immoral. Profits beyond what is needed to make payroll, upkeep of materials and creating more jobs is profoundly problematic.

Love of the craft, product and a sense of social service should replace profits as the main motive for either business or investments. The attack on the public sector for the sake of increased investment opportunities is intensely depraved and overwhelmingly trying. I would change our economic system, but that is but the beginning.

We need to have a culture of participatory democracy embedded in social responsibility.

Michael Joseph Francisconi