Likes green forests


To the editor,

Dear Bill,

I notice you aren’t attacking my numbers because you know I am right, so I must be against timber harvesting? Really, that’s your opinion now?

I am not a “enviro,” just a person who loves to fish healthy streams whose watersheds above have been protected during timber harvesting, by limiting roads that cut into the natural woodlands … by not allowing every tree to be cut, so that during replanting every new tree has shelter to grow under, to protect streams and rivers from becoming muddy and uninhabitable for fish.

I kinda like green forests that have had a reforestation plan so that all of us Montanans continue to have fresh air to breath. … Do you?

Along the West Coast I marveled at stubby little bodies of Marbled murrelets, diving headfirst into the crashing waves for dinner, and carrying fresh fish into the Headwaters Park to feed their young nested in the great blue fir and redwood forests. They are not owls, Bill.

Giving those auks and the spotted owl 3,000 acres out of millions, wasn’t a waste of our natural resources; it was a gift to future American generations.

The West Coast is different from Montana because private landowners grow trees there; we don’t do it here. Millions upon millions of acres growing with the help of environmentalists keep the private forests healthy. Timber companies in Montana depend almost solely on the public land. … They won’t spend the extra money timber companies like Green Diamond do.

Georgia Pacific in Montana doesn’t care, or should we say the Koch brothers.

Lastly, all those dead trees you’re seeing … that’s the handiwork of Mountain pine beetles that inhabit white bark, lodgepole and limber pine trees. Normally, these insects play an important role in the life of a forest, attacking old or weakened trees, However, climate change or unusual hot, dry summers in Montana, mild winters throughout the region during the last decade, along with forests filled with mature lodgepole pine, have led to an unprecedented death from these winged varmints.

John Tester’s forest plan would give you the ability for timber jobs and protect watersheds, but the Republicans in Congress won’t vote for his plan. Is it because he’s a Democrat?

So if you’re gonna blame somebody who has the power to create jobs and won’t, start with your own party in Washington; they haven’t voted to or created jobs for years!


Norma Duffy