Dazzle them


To the editor,


Norma Duffy has finally shown her true beliefs.

It is one of the tactics of the enviros. When people start to question their motive – they will “dazzle the public” with numbers. By the time sensible people have tried to comprehend their article, they are so confused by the numbers and the mass use of different numbers pertaining to the many points of their beliefs, that many start to think – whoa, all of those “precise” figures, he/she must be an “expert” in his/her field.

Most people would say “the forest industry policies were a failure in the 60s to 90s. An Enviro who hates any timber cutting company shows that attitude by writing “it was the ‘crappy’ way industry up here had handled its affairs.”

The marbled murrelet was the other bird I mentioned in my first rebuff to Norma. That bird was what we in the northwest (I lived in Washington at that time) referred to as “Spotted Owl Phase II.” 

If the Spotted Owl hearings didn’t go in favor of the enviers, they could continue to stay on timber cutting that was in effect until the courts decided the Spotted Owl case. At those hearings, the enviro lawyers “dazzled the courts with numbers plus acreage covered, etc., etc., etc.

Its a fact that there are portions of Oregon and Washington known as “impassable wilderness, traveled only by pot growers and narcs.”

Thank God for those who choose to grow and harvest “private timber tracts.” The other 98% of remaining forests are only visited or treated by this federal caregivers when it is time for the Amverican public to send in the forrest firefighters to beat fires that are 30 to 40% beetle killed trees in the Rocky Mountain Range from Canada to New Mexico.

Norma, take pictures along the freeway from Boulder to Helena. Those dead trees are the result of your Spotted Owl campaign and you’re dead wrong.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges