Is there a father in the family?


To the editor,


Something smells in that field outside Jackson, Montana, and it’s not the “slit trenches” used by the Rainbow family.  

While our American Legion Post “managed” the Lari’s Kids Fishing Pond in Twin Bridges; we were required to have “a liability insurance plan” that cost the Post $600 a year.  Where is the liability  responsibility concerning “the family?”  Where is the time limit that is impressed on anyone camping in one spot? 

Why are a minority of citizens in that county being asked to pay a tax levy of $26,789 while Dillon and Lima (population 5,580) get off, just so the county will have access to state funds?

No one has learned from the last “party” in July of 2000.  No one mentions the $7,500 bill that the Forest Service still holds for that clean up (of just the roads.)

Or is it that Laws are passed to govern a peaceful society but those laws do not apply to the “Rainbow Party” because none of those 7,000 to 20,000 will step forward and put their names down as those who can be held responsible for anything that happens in that field.  Highway Police tell you “who do we give this complaint to?”

This is the “legality” issue the Family uses, “no one is in charge of us.”

No one remembers how this Family emptied the Food Banks of those states they traveled through, or how the towns along the route saw rises in crimes.  The Family left hospitals with bills that will never be paid by the Family, even those who can afford health insurance. 

Maybe in 2020, when the family comes back for their “reunion” the leaders in Dillon and Beaverhead county will ask for the needed permits, liability insurance (called for from any civil function), and a list of who are legally responsible for “the Family’s” damage.  Isn’t there one responsible “father” in this “Family” that appears to be more of a “mob” stripping the land as they go...towards peace??


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges