No loopholes


To the editor,


James Brown’s editorial referred to some good citizens’ reaction to the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision as Chicken Little response.  It could be suggested that his own reaction of delight with the approval of Citizens United could be labeled as another kind of Chicken-something.

Brown says the First Amendment protects the speech and speaker, ergo, he and his far-right friends insist that a corporation is a speaker.  He denigrates the Montana Corrupt Practices Act which turned around some of the most corrupt political shenanigans of all times and protected Montana citizens for almost 100 years. He suggests that huge donations and bribery of those days could not possibly give rise to corruption these days.  Say what?

He says it is good that corporations are on a level playing field with you and me, that the Founding Fathers intended it this way.  What nonsense.  Many of the biggest donations given to tax-free advocacy groups are given in secret.  We don’t know who these attack-assassins are.  Assassins because their ads can say anything, true or not, with impunity.  Does anyone interpret the First Amendment as allowing “secret” speech?

Since the Citizen United decision, Congress can and should require the disclosure of secret donations.  The IRS should crack down on political organizations that pose as tax-exempt “social welfare” groups such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS. These guys are using loopholes to spend millions/billions in undisclosed contributions from corporate and billionaire donors to attack candidates that will fight for middle class values.   They (such as American Tradition Partnership who went after a HD 71 candidate two years ago) were in Montana the last election and they are here again big-time.  

Anti-government folks insist that deficit spending must end.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they would insist upon the billions of dollars that are spent trying to buy our votes must end.

Ignore all negative campaign ads.  Don’t let Montana be taken back to the old days of money corruption.  Learn about your candidates’ goals personally by calling or writing them.   Another good thing you can do is to support the Disclose Act, which you can find on line.  Be an informed voter.


Pat Bradley

Twin Bridges