Cleverley sentenced to three felony counts

Fifth Judicial District Judge Loren Tucker confers with the attorneys during Tuesday sentencing hearing for Kendle Cleverley. The prosecution at left, Beaverhead County Attorney Jed Fitch and Joel Thompson, a Montana Assistant Attorney General from the Prosecution Services Bureau who assisted Fitch at the county attorney’s invitation. At right is Cleverley’s defense attorney, Joe Engel of Great Falls.


Admitted felon Kendle Cleverley of Dillon received a sentence of 10 years with five years suspended on each of three felony counts to run concurrently, from Judge Loren Tucker during a three-hour sentencing hearing at Beaverhead County Courthouse Tuesday morning.

A large crowd of 48 people attended the hearing, a majority supporters of Cleverley. Cleverley, 26, had pleaded guilty to two counts of felony sexual intercourse without consent with victims 14-years old. He also pled guilty to felony burglary and partner/family member assault in an incident involving a former girlfriend.

Chris Quigley and Bob Page, two specialists in sexual offender treatment, evaluated Cleverley in separate interviews as a Tier II sex offender, an offender with a moderate risk of offending again.

In the sentencing phase, Tucker admonished Cleverley numerous times but stuck with the recommendation of both the prosecution and defense. Cleverley had made a plea for a deferred imposition of sentence to Tucker before the judge ruled. 

Among sentencing conditions, Cleverley will, for the rest of his life, have to register as a sex offender, may not have contact with persons under the age of 16, remain free of alcohol and drugs, and not possess firearms.

Tucker denied a request by the defense to release Cleverley to house arrest, but did recommend to the Department of Corrections that Cleverley be considered for pre-release placement.